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Please download, sign (all three locations) and upload all pages of our Terms of Service.

About Us

At BY THE NUMB3RS, we modernize medical billing technologies with the best solutions in the industry.

Who we are

Envisioned from one entrepreneur’s attempt to improve efficiency of processing claims, Xavier Raphael found demand for services to be rendered across all disciplines of the medical field. Eventually he created many one-size-fits-all solutions for efficient claim processing. Now, BY THE NUMB3RS includes clients and services worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to progress medical billing into the 21st century with modern technologies and a little clever thinking. We pick up the slack where no efficient system is available for accounts receivable follow-up or eligibility checks.

What we do

We are NOT a Billing company to outsource to nor are we a Clearing House to send claims through. We make Medical Billing more efficient. The short and simple is we lookup claim and eligibility information for you and then package it in an easy to read and sortable format. In other words we do all the hard, tedious, time consuming work for you. The idea is to save on time and manpower. Look at our sample to get a better idea.

Clients love our benefits

We make our system as easy to use as possible and we have quite a few fault tolerate polices to help you have the best turnaround this side of the planet. We also volunteer our time and processing power to World Community Grid with projects like Outsmart Ebola, Uncovering Genome, Mapping Cancer Markers and The Clean Energy Project.

Why work with us ?

We work fast!
Mobile friendly website
HIPAA and HITECH Compliant
Free Samples

Our Services

We will find your account receivable claims and check eligibility records and if you need help putting your data together we can even help with that.

Claim Status Subscriptions

Monthly claim status records
500 to 10,000 Records
Easy to read excel spreadsheets
Report charts and graphs

Eligibility Subscriptions

Monthly eligibility records
500 to 10,000 Records
Easy to read excel spreadsheets
Report charts and graphs

Onetime Records lookup

Good for backlog A/R
No defined limit of records
Tremendous time saver
Claim Status or Eligibility

Data Services

Data Entry
Help with data formatting
Database Integration
Excel Integration


BY THE NUMB3RS offers the fastest turnaround time while keeping the process as simple as can be.


Stage One

    Registration is required for this site so we can remember and identify you. You will need to provide us with a user name and password to securely sign in. Registration is located at the top of this page under the “New Member” button.
    In addition to your registration we also need you to download, sign, and upload our Terms of Service which includes our Privacy Policy, and HIPPA agreement. We need this because we will be handling your patients protected information. The document is contained in a PDF file which can be opened using Adobe Reader.
    After successful submission of your information including the signed agreement, our administration will review the signed document and approve your registration once everything checks out. You will only be able to sign in once approved. If you have questions please send them to info@btnos.com.


Stage Two

  • Choose Insurance
    Once logged in you can choose from as list of insurances records we offer. At this point it is a good idea to look at our Getting Started guide. If you are not sure if you found the subscription you are looking for, you can request a free trial run.
  • Choose Level
    For each subscription we offer 500 records searched per month to 10,000. The number of records are divided into levels 0 to 10 where level 0 would give you 500 records searched per month and level 10 would be 10,000 records searched.
  • Choose Billing Period
    After choosing a level, choosing a billing period is also required. We offer once a month, every 6 months and 12 month billing. We also offer discounts the longer you subscribe with us.


Stage Three

  • Sample Template
    Once signed up it’s a good idea to download a sample csv (comma separated value) file so you know what information we will need and what column name it needs to be under. Excel, Open Office, and LibreOffice can save spreadsheet files in a csv format. You need to provide us with login credentials to the appropriate website. It is in your best interest to create a separate login only for By The Numb3rs for us to access the information.
  • Formatting
    Once have the information formatted similar to our sample, double checking the information is under the correct column name, you can click on the upload button to send it to us. If there are missing columns in the file, the system will identify it.
  • Check data
    Once your data has been uploaded successfully to our system, look over it one more time. We believe in doing things right the first time. To flag the data as ready, you click on the “ready” button and the system flags us to start processing the data. If we notice any obvious problems we will notify you before starting.


Stage Four

  • All done
    You know that smell of fresh muffins after taking them out of the oven? We get a similar sensation when we complete your work orders to satisfaction. :)
  • Check our work
    You will see a notification and an attachment of the completed records. Our results are stored in a Excel xlsx format which is then store in a zip file with the other results if applicable. Download and save the results to your computer. Our system is not designed for long term storage.
  • Rinse and Repeat
    Maximize your productivity by using more than one insurance. You also do not need to use all of records in one upload. Example: uploading 100 records on a 1000 record subscription will still leave 900 records to be use after we finish the first results.


Pricing for each insurance we cover breaks down into 11 levels(10 to 0), and then a billing cycle (1 month, 6 months, 12 months). We will process up to a certain amount of records(rows) in a month which depends on the level chosen. Certain billing cycles will give you an overall discount.

For example you could choose a level 1 subscription with a monthly billing plan. This would allow us to retrieve up to 1000 claims in a month and you would be billed monthly for the price below.

  • Level 10, 10000 rows
  • Level 9, 9000 rows
  • Level 8, 8000 rows
  • Level 7, 7000 rows
  • Level 6, 6000 rows
  • Level 5, 5000 rows
  • Level 4, 4000 rows
  • Level 3, 3000 rows
  • Level 2, 2000 rows
  • Level 1, 1000 rows
  • Level 0, 500 rows
  • 1 Month Free Trial, 20 rows

All prices subject to change.


We are equipped to handle a wide array of insurances. Listed below are the insurances/payers we have already created an integration for. If you do not see the one you are looking for then contact us. We do free samples to make sure our services will work for you, after a signed HIPAA agreement of course.
Looking for an insurance not listed? We have additional terms for with an new insurance website.


Our one and only Herr Direktor has been with use since the beginning and has forged a company with a strong foundation and clear direction.
Xavier holds a degree in computer science and had worked in the medical field and as an IT director. His years of technical expertise and knowledge of the business world lead him to found BY THE NUMB3RS.

In his off time he likes to travel to faraway places and occasionally works on aerospace projects or anything he feels will advance humanity into the next renaissance.

Xavier Raphael

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


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